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Precision Picture Hanging

You want good picture hangers to have a solid understanding of their A, B, C’s: Art, Balance, Cohesion.

You’d hope to find an expert with 15+ years of wall decor, frames, picture hanging and interiors experience; someone attentive, knowledgeable and reliable.

Because whatever your artwork, design or statement piece – maybe a fine art painting, decorative mirror, kid’s ‘masterpiece’, Pop Art poster or quirky memorabilia item – it needs to be hung perfectly for the room or space it’s going to occupy.

We know how to hang a picture just right and position it perfectly in its space.

Precision Picture Hanging all over Melbourne
Precision Picture Hanging takes a holistic view when hanging your wall art: Because you need a hanger to really see the bigger picture of your room. An expert who considers how elements such furniture, lighting, orientation, and other decorative items relate to your picture hanging, and influence the room’s ‘visual balance’. You’ll be reassured to hear we have really good eyes for this kind of work (it’s often said!).

Precision Picture Hanging works calmly, cleanly, professionally and precisely. We’re careful to avoid damage or dramas and have all the professional tools, fixings and art hanging systems to secure your treasure in its pride of place. We’re just as proud of how we go about our business, as you are of your treasured artworks.

So, please call us on 0408 354 791  to chat through your needs or specific requirements.
The art of picture hanging. Call Mark